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Twist and Shots is a videogame about the world of the night and the alcohol. Our character is a bartender who has special habilities and it's the owner of the famous Twist and Shots.

The demo is focused on the main mechanic of the game: serving drinks. The demo it's been developed in one month and a half and it's result isn't representative of the future product.

The future game will have a great variety of drinks and bar utensils (beer taps, pop-corn machine, gunfire...). It will have a shop too, with personalization options, improvements for the bar, the bartender... A 2-player coop mode, crazy customers and random events


To pick up bottles: left-click and drag.

To rotate bottles: (once picked up) press E.

To look to the sides: press A or D (left/right).

To take out glasses: keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

To discard a glass: right click on it or press the same key as it's position to restart it.

To talk to the clients: left click on them.

To show the recipe book: press Q.

Important: the recipes admit a margin of error of 10 units of liquid. In the same way, if you spill some alcohol in another glass, it won't be count as long as the amount is less than 10.

To know more about the game status: https://twitter.com/TwistNShots


Twist and Shots - Windows.zip 27 MB

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