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Sokogun is born from the idea of resurrecting the signature puzzles from 1984 videogame Sokoban (Imabayashi, H.), where you have to move boxes to specific locations to pass each level.

Sokogun fuses puzzle and action genres to create a fun and pleasant arcade experience. The boxes are the main element of the gameplay, they are used in puzzles as well as to crush enemies.

All the elements interact with the enviroment, even the weapon chargers, whose weight can be used to activate switches. The objects can be destroyed by the players as well as the enemies.

The main characters of Sokogun are a gun and a shotgun, named Fantasia and Noname, respectively. Each has its abilities and features so that they are very easily distinguished.


  • Local coop: there's a 2 player local multiplayer mode in the game. Each player is one of the characters (gun or shotgun), and they both have absolute control over what goes on on screen. They can also swap characters whenever they want just by pressing a button. 
  • Special abilities: each character has its own abilities and features, so there will be some enemies and obstacles that only one of the characters will be able to solve or beat, making cooperation key during the game. The gun is light and can jump, while the shotgun moves slower, damages more, has a lower firerate and, instead of jumping, can dash when on ground level to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Total interaction: it is possible to interact with most of the background elements. The different interactions create a unique and unexpected experience for each player. The boxes can be used as a shield till they get broken or as a weapon to throw at enemies. The charger the gun throws has its own habilities. Yeah, it activates switches.
  • Air reload: the gun character will only be able to reload while in the middle of a jump. This exclusive mechanic has been implemented to increase the gameplay variety and so that the player moves in different levels of verticality.

Controls: Sokogun can be played with gamepad or keyboard and mouse.

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